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Forget 50 shades of gray…I feel 50 shades of brown will be emerging on the fashion scene very soon. (Trend Alert!) Hues of brown can never really be out of style. Whether rocking a neutral coffee or a dark chocolate color, tones of brown can definitely complete an outfit. This Fashionista wears brown right by matching her trendy boots and top. She ties the whole outfit together with her attention-grabbing accessories containing a metallic sparkle. These hues of brown reflect the essence of fall as we begin to transition into winter. This season, show your true colors through classic tones like this Fashionista and dress to impress!

Name: Katherine 'Kat' Geary

Major: Interdisciplinary Health Services

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What are three words that describe your personal style and why?

Kat Geary: I would definitely say my style is full of accessories. I love accessorizing mostly through different jewelry, but also with scarves, bags etc.

CF: What are some places you live to shop?

KG: I love shopping at Forever 21 and H&M.

CF: What are your favorite fashion trends right now?

KG: Since winter is coming, many people are wearing scarves. I love looking at the scarves people are wearing and the style they are wearing them in.

How To: Get inspired by Kat's look by trying out trendy pieces in carmel hues! Pick out a piece like this top from LOFT and match it with thigh-high boots by Steve Madden. Regarding accessories, wear something that matches your mood! Feeling sophisticated? Add some shine in your look! Like this Fashionista shows, bracelets, watches and scarves are a perfect way to dress up any trend. You can find cute accessories with a student-budget price at thrift stores and in places such as H&M.


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