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Yes, that is Snorlax chilling on the wall behind this week’s Fashionista. My campus is notorious for providing little surprises like this chalk wall art on a regular basis. With exams looming this week, comfort is the quickest route for students to take when throwing on clothes in the morning, but that doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to be as lax as this sleeping Pokémon. This week’s Fashionista displays an effortless way to sit back and hit the books while still looking put-together.

Name: Karen Steiner

Major: Biochemistry

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Can you tell me about the clothes you are wearing?

Karen Steiner: My blouse is from Forever 21, my shorts are Levi Brand Jeans from my mom’s closet, my earrings are from Forever 21, my shoes are Keds and my glasses are Marc Jacobs.

CF: If you were given $10,000, where would you shop?

KS: That is a really hard question. I would hit up American Apparel and Urban Outfitters because they’re both my favorite stores. Then I would go to Michael Kors because I love the accessories, the Levi’s store because I love their jeans, BCBG because I love their shoes and dresses, and H&M because they have a lot of clothes. Also, Steve Madden, because I love the shoes so much. I can’t think of anything else at the moment.

CF: Name three items in your closet you can’t live without and why.

KS: My white-washed Levi high-waisted shorts because they go with every top, my Keds because they’re so comfortable and match any outfit and my American Apparel grey fleece jacket because it is unbelievably comfortable.

CF: Are there any trends right now you can’t stand?

KS: I do not like T-shirts with a whole bunch of writing or quotes like “love” or something cheesy. Save that for Facebook. I also hate those necklaces and jewelry that have owls—or any kind of bird for that matter—keys and feathers. [They] remind me of middle school. Also, I hate how people overdo neon, especially with accessories or when the prints on T-shirts are neon.

CF: How about some trends you love? Especially from this season.

KS: I love plain-colored silky button-up blouses because they make you look dressy without trying too hard, and they can be worn with anything. I also really love high-waisted shorts. They can also be paired with pretty much any top, and make you look skinny. I just really like plain, solid colors and simple designs.

CF: Do you follow any fashion magazines, celebs or blogs?

KS: Not really. I just look on Tumblr and Wanelo.

CF: If you could shop anywhere in the world, where would you go?

KS: Oh man, tough question. I would love to go to Europe just because there is an array of different styles varying from country to country. France is more artsy and romantic, of course, whereas England is more edgy but sophisticated. There’s just so many to choose.

CF: What is your favorite part of any outfit?

KS: The shoes seal it for me. You can have a cute and simple dress, but wearing a pair of Keds makes you come off as more indie and laid back. If you paired that dress with wedges or heels, it instantly becomes dressy and formal.

How To: If you dig this polished monochromatic top and short combo, start with a light-colored high-waisted jean short. Urban Outfitters dominates the cheeky style of denim shorts, so try a pair like these; it’s up to you to cuff them at the bottom. Tuck in a sleeveless royal blue button-down top, like this one from Chicwish. A plain white pair of Keds will balance out the color spectrum and can be a classic addition to any outfit. Embellish the look with fun-print croakies on sunglasses, and add some geometric earrings for character.


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