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While spotting Fashionistas on campus, I realized that an outfit really does say a lot about an individual’s personality and experiences. This Fashionista has traveled and studied all over the different ends of America and Europe throughout her college career. Her worldly familiarity reflects greatly in her sense of fashion. Her choice of layering dark-toned tights and a coat with a bright pattered dress and cardigan gives an eye-catching contrast to this getup. The selection of a dress rather than a pair of shorts and blouse create a perfect balance in her outfit. The pattern in her purple dress is also one that stands out with a diverse essence. The choice of moccasins as shoes is another element in this Fashionista's look that really makes her stand out. The shoes are a comfortable and unexpected addition to her look. All in all, this Fashionista threw together a remarkable outfit and really illustrates her persona!

Name: Kaitlyn Saruwatari

Major: Public Policy

Year: 4th

CollegeFashionista:  Who or what influences your fashion style?

Kaitlyn Saruwatari: My mom's various eras of clothes, unique people I observe, my mood and my travel experiences inspire my fashion style.

CF: Being a student who studied abroad, how would you differentiate the outlook on fashion between America and Europe?

KS: Well you won't catch a single person walking around in sweats and a T-shirt, even if they're not going anywhere special! I think the sense of image in Europe differs from our sense of it in the States and fashion remains a way to exude confidence. Every day is a new one, a creative expression of who you are and a way in which to uniquely differentiate yourself from the rest — dressing up a bit more than we do in the U.S. Like the U.S., outlooks on fashion vary depending on location — in Granada, Spain, where I studied, I'd say the city brings a hippie/colorful feel to the fashion world.

CF: What is your essential accessory that tops off every outfit?

KS: I've never been much of an accessory person, but I generally always wear my watch and a necklace. Clothing-wise, leggings.

How To: To get Kaitlyn’s look, go through your wardrobe and see the contrasts you can make between dark neutrals and colorful pieces. Sometimes the pairings work, and other times they don’t. Purple, burgundy, and red really work great with a dark palette. This romper from Urban Outfitters is a perfect example of a bright piece that is ideal to match with dark layers of tights and coats. For a more pattered piece, this Free People mini dress is a fun and complementary choice for a dark palette. Moccasin-style loafers are a comfortable and trendy addition to every outfit! This pair from River Island is a perfect option.


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