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This week’s Fashionista is a classmate of mine that was not only able to nail a presentation she gave during class but also showed us all that she could dress classy and chic, and still look professional. All though her outfit is all black, her different textures along with her gorgeous black and gold necklace help put this chic ensemble together. I must say this week’s Fashionista was able to make an example of how to look incredibly edgy and fun, but taken seriously by her ensembles chicness. Many of these statement necklaces such as this Fashionista’s have been used for pops of color; however, this Fashionista does a great job of using her different slick textures pulling this ensemble together, and taking a usual professional outfit to another level. 

Name: Jessica Spiegler

Major: Cultural Communications

Year: Senior

College Fashionista: What are you wearing?

Jessica Spiegler: Well, my necklace is my roommate's and I got my dress from H&M. My boots are Steve Madden and I’m wearing a two-toned watch that's Michael Kors.

CF: How would you describe your style?

JS: I would like to say I am more of a hipster. I try to blend comfort with a certain amount of edge in my wardrobe.

CF: What’s your inspiration for looking for an outfit?

JS: Well this summer I interned in New York City and I always saw a variety of really inspirational outfits. I just kept saying to myself I could mix and match what they wore to make it more replicable to my style. But as far as celebrities I don’t really have anyone in particular I look at to find inspiration

CF: Are there any websites and or blogs that you look at to find clothes?

JS: Not really; however, I like checking out magazines and seeing the celebrities every day outfits that are placed in the spreads. Like I said I'm really big on comfort so I can appreciate it when magazines show celebrities in every day outfits and not ball gowns that I can relate to and see how I can put my own twist to it.

How To: This week’s Fashionista makes her outfit through her statement necklace. All though her ensemble is all black, there's no need to be limited in color. Find a necklace that complements a dress just like this week Fashionsita. Lastly, pick out some boots that are appropriate to your style that also ties to the trims of the necklace.


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