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In the twinkle of an eye, December is here and the atmosphere is starting to get crazy among students at UTPA. Studying for finals and preparing for winter break, students need to focus now more than ever to succeed in their final grades. Despite the fact that everyone is running around campus, it is always inspiring to see what students wear to class every day. It is even more inspiring to have the opportunity to ask questions to strangers about their outfits. After every question I ask, there is always something new and motivating that students tell me, which makes me feel grateful that they always answer so sincere and truthful.   

One thing that I have learned about my whole journey writing FASHIONISTA SPOTLIGHT is that some Fashionistas/os get inspiration and ideas from everywhere, while others get inspired by very specific things. What can be more interesting than that?

Since my first post, I've always looked for someone whom I know is going to tell me a story behind that thing I’ve been talking about. Fashionistas/os can wear a simple white T-shirt one day, and the next one they can wear an over-the-top denim studded jacket. Although I’ve been doing this for almost four months, I don’t think this thing behind every Fashionista's style is going to be clear even if I do it for five more years. I think this is why fashion is so interesting to me.

I was walking outside the student union when this Fashionista passed by my side. At first it was the striped black and white dress that caught my attention, but the contrast tights were the ultimatum that I needed to go after her and ask her story.

Name: Jessica Aleman

Major: Psychology

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: Where do you get the inspiration to dress the way you do?

Jessica Aleman: I love Asian fashion, especially Korean style. I usually like to mix and match my clothes. My outfits have to be always eye-catching and comfortable.

CF: Can you tell me some personalities from Korea that you look for in their style?

JA: I like Iu and Park Bom style. They are both South Korean singers. I liked them because their clothes are always fun and wearable.   

CF: When did you started to be interested in Korean fashion?

JA: I think it was in 2009 when I started to hear Korean music. I fell in love with their sense of style and how they put together their clothes.

CF: Where do you usually shop for cool Asian clothes?

JA: My favorite online store is where I find great Asian brands at low prices. I am actually wearing everything from that site right now! In this website you can find fashion and Asian music also.

How To: To recreate the Asian-chic look, you can try this short sleeve black and white dress with a simple cut black jacket. Platform sneakers are so in this season. I found black lace-up shoes that would look great with this dress. Another trend that is coming strong this winter are contrast sheer tights like these that you can wear in your outfit for the final touch.


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