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Former Style Guru Harlee Kocen knows how to put an outfit together. With what appears to be almost zero effort, she’s always combining pieces in interesting ways that I wish I had thought of first. I could have spotlighted her a number of times this semester, but I was particularly impressed with the playful proportions of this particular outfit. A sheer long-sleeved blouse, tall black socks and emerald green combat boots balance her short denim cutoffs in an atypical pairing that somehow totally works. This is fearless fashion worth imitating.

Name: Harlee Kocen

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What was your thought process putting together your outfit?

Harlee Kocen: I really had no thought process in putting together my outfit. I have a wall closet and when I wake up in the morning i just look at my wall of clothes and choose whatever stands out. I always check the weather before I get out of bed to know what will be appropriate for the day. I also have my shoes on a bookcase, so I pretty much get dressed and then run through my shoes. Picking out shoes is the hardest part for me because the right shoe can change an entire outfit.

CF: Do you have any rules when it comes to your style or fashion in general?

HK: I'm a big fan of dressing girly with a boyish touch. For instance, I like wearing floral dresses a lot but I'll always pair them with my combat boots. I also love to accessorize with necklaces and rings. I'm always wearing a necklace even if it's just tucked into my outfit. I think the most important rule above all is to dress how you want the world to see you. What you wear gives off the very first impression. I always try to dress like my personality. Lastly, dress for yourself and no one else! Wear what makes you happy and let those haters hate.

CF: As a former Style Guru, what do you think makes Virginia Commonwealth University so unique in terms of style?

HK: I think living in such an artsy area really inspires people to go above and beyond with their style. There are so many interesting people doing their own thing no matter how wacky it is, and this gives other people inspiration to do what they want. Richmond has a lot of character and so do the people that live in the city.

How To: As the temperatures head upwards, you don't have to abandon your favorite knee-highs. Pair them with shorts or girly dresses to add a little bit of edge and coverage. You can't go wrong with a slouchy basic black pair from Free People. When you want to go bold, try a pastel version. And when the summer heat comes in full force, go for a pair that are delicate and sheer.


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