With a loose Peter Pan collar shirt, a small leather backpack and casual leather loafers all thrown together in such an effortless way, this fashionista stood out to me. She was very blase about her fashion choices but it was interesting to see her, as a finance student, analyse just how much of her budget she sets aside for shopping. A charming encounter with a modest Melbournian Fashionista.

Name: Grace Gross

Major: Finance

Year: Masters (First Year)

College Fashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Grace Gross: I don't know, I guess I'm pretty laid back. Very casual I suppose.

CF: Do you shop anywhere in particular?

GG: I don't really have a favourite brand or anything. I never just shop in one place, I always mix it up. I like shoppping in the city, or Chapel Street, St Kilda. It depends on where I feel like going if I'm bored or something.

CF: Is Melbourne one of you favourite places to shop?

GG: Yeah, I guess! I mean obviously overseas is very exciting too.

CF: But we're still very lucky here. We've got heaps of great places to shop.

GG: Yeah, yeah of course.

CF: Compared to overseas at the moment though we're struggling through a particularly bone-chilling winter. How did you survive it? Have you got a winter essential?

GG: Yes I've got two big coats that I always wear out. They're great to throw on over anything.

CF: And as a finance student, how much would you say you spend on buying clothes per week?

GG: Oh maybe about $100? No! That can't be. That's a lot, isn't it?

CF: Ha ha, I guess.

GG: Maybe closer to $70 a week. I go shopping quite frequently, but I don't really buy expensive stuff.

CF: Ha, you must be a truly wise finance student then.

How to: I love Peter Pan collars. They're named after the collar of a Peter Pan costume from a 1905 version of the play, and since then they've been popping up everywhere. On dresses and shirts and often on great vintage pieces. Chandi & Lia have a beautifully simple two-toned shift dress with Peter Pan collar detail. I love the green and white version, but the navy and pink is also really nice. The rounded Peter Pan collar on this sleek white shirt from ASOS overrides office undertones with a playful yet chic feel. Johann Earl is a fabulous label from London producing fun festival inspired collections, often featuring collars. My personal favourites are this contrast blouse-tee and long-sleeve dress with polka dot collar. Like Grace, you can pair your collared garment with something more boyish like skinny jeans and loafers for a less girly feel. A look I doubt even Captain Hook could resist.


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