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My love for The Smiths came from watching the movie 500 Days of Summer. So did Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but we won’t get into that. I remember that every time I would go to a concert, I just HAD to purchase a shirt. No questions asked. Band T-shirts are so versitile that you can pair them with jeans or a skirt and still seem put together. This Fashionista inspires me to go back into my closest and rekindle with the forgotten.

Name: Giovanna Varela

Year: Senior

Major: Cinema studies with a minor in creative writing

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing and where did you get it from?

Giovanna Varela: My shirt is a picture of The Smiths Meat is Murder album cover—I got it on eBay. My shorts are DKNY. They were pants originally. I just cut them and rolled them up. I got them at the Goodwill store. My tights are DKNY, I ordered them on eBay. My purse is Calvin Klein, I bought it at the Calvin Klein outlet at the Premium Outlets mall.

CF: What are you most excited to wear for the fall season?

GV: Sweaters! I am excited to wear my Mickey Mouse sweater.

CF: Does fashion influence your lifestyle?

GV: Fashion doesn’t really influence my lifestyle, but it makes me feel good.

CF: Where do you normally shop for clothes?

GV: I go online. eBay has a lot of vintage shops!

CF: How does living in Florida influence your style?

GV: Florida does not influence my style. I hate Florida. I am obsessed with New York and it has more of an influence on me.

How To: Want to get back together with some old band T-shirts? If you don’t have any, just go to Hot Topic where they have an array of them from Taking Back Sunday to The Ramones. Take these jean shorts and add these boots for a finished edgy look. The next time you go to a concert, make sure you get a couple of T-shirts to add to your collection! There is no such thing as too many band T-shirts. Trust me.


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