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There are some days that just scream fall. Even though we have already had snow on campus, winter doesn’t even start until December 21st so while we still have nice weather we should take advantage of it. It’s great to utilize winter accessories and pair them with a fall look during the last few weeks of this season. I love to mix scarves and legwarmers with light jackets on warm fall days and boots are always a must. This Fashionista mixed a leather jacket and boots with a bright plaid shirt and winter accessories pulling the look together for a crisp fall day at Marist.

Name: Francesca Nardone

Major: Business

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What's your favorite way to mix patterns?

Francesca Nardone: When I mix the patterns I keep it simple. I like florals with plaid or stripes. I stick to mild, matching colors so it doesn't get too confusing.

CF: How do you normally accessorize an outfit?

FN: For accessories, I'm a total scarf person. Almost every outfit deserves a scarf and not because I'm always cold. My outfits are usually very simple but a nice bold scarf makes it great. I also like long necklaces; you'll usually see them hanging under a scarf. I have a few bracelets that I love, one is an adorable black wire bow bracelet I got at Marist's Fashionology last year!

CF: Where do you get your style inspiration?

FN: My style is inspired mostly by what's comforting to me. I like to feel I can move around freely and be warm/cool enough. Street style photos on fashion blogs give me ideas for different ways to wear certain items like blazers or hats.

CF: Do you wear leg warmers for fashion or practicality?

FN: I'll pick leg warmers when they can be fashionable and practical!  Like I said, I get cold a lot so these are a must-have for me. I like them with outfits where they don't stand out too much, but add a little personal style like black leggings with black leg warmers, flats and a bright top.

CF: How do you wear prints differently in the fall and in the spring?

FN: I would say I pick my prints differently from season to season. I carry over a lot of my clothes actually because I love finding new ways to wear pieces. Layering in the fall is so much fun.

CF: Who's your favorite designer?

FN: John Galliano is one of the most impressive designers to me. If there's any message he portrays, it's to never be afraid of your style—you can rock anything.

CF: Where's you favorite place to shop for your fall wardrobe?

FN: Old Navy men's sweaters have become my new favorite for fall! They're big, cozy, versatile and affordable. What's not to love? The new boutique Francesca's also has great dresses for layering.

How To: Do you want this Fashionista’s layered leather look? Try starting with a light wash jean and a long sleeved plaid shirt. Then add a pair of legwarmers, a knit headband and a long infinity scarf. Finally top the outfit off with a leather jacket and a pair of light brown leather boots.


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