I met this Fashionista on Melbourne’s bustling Bourke Street on a chilly day. She was on an expedition for good leather pants when she caught my eye. We spoke all things fashion as trams clanked by and fellow shoppers weaved around us.

Name: Emma Fittock

Major: Fashion Design

Year: First

College Fashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Emma Fittock: I like things that are quirky and comfortable. I really like feminine things mixed with structured things. But today my outfit isn't really like that; it's not what I’d normally wear cause I’ve got so many layers on (laughing) because it’s so cold. But I do like to keep things simple like with colours and stuff. I don’t like too much colour going on at once, I prefer neutrals.

CF: What about when designing clothes, what kind of influences do you have?

EF: Personally I really like cultural sort of stuff. A lot of my personal things at home come from an Indian background like myself. So that means lots of embellishments and beading and sequins and sparkly things.

CF: Where do you like to shop the most?

EF: I do love op shopping and picking out things in vintage stores. But I also really love a few Australian designers, Shakuhachi is one of my favourites. In terms of shopping I don’t really have a particular favourite though. I do love the department stores because they’ve got such a good range of stuff.

CF: If you could pick one winter staple?

EF: A good pair of leather pants.

CF: And have you got a particularly good pair?

EF: I don’t! But I’ve got my eye on a few pairs, so I’m having a shopping day today actually.

CF: Well I’ll let you get back to it.

How to: This look is all about layers. Sticking to a simple colour scheme like this grayscale palette allows you to play with textures and shapes. The gray peeking out from the black layered hem draws attention to the asymmetric cut and makes it a feature point of the outfit, falling together nicely. This dress available from ASOS is easy to play with in the same way, and this asymmetric Religion top would be perfect in an outfit composed of interesting layers. Another garment that goes with the monochrome of layers is this amazing Cheap Monday knit tank available in black and putty.


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