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There always seems to be Fashionistas outside of the fashion department at Marist. This week I lucked out and spotted this Fashionista on a Marist trip to NYC. This studio art major stood out to me as her look epitomized that of an art student. She had a classic New York style and although she’s a Marist student from CT, she fit right in on the city's streets. I found her with a camera around her neck and combat boots on her feet. I always love street style fashion but this Fashionista added a cute college twist making her a great feature for this week.

Name: Emily Hart

Year: Junior

Major: Studio Art

CollegeFashionista: As an art student where do you get your inspiration?

Emily Hart: Everywhere! Everything inspires me—usually it's just fashionable people I see around campus or online, but I'm always attracted to any eye-catching pattern, unexpected color combination or interesting texture.

CF: When did you start dyeing your hair?

EH: Freshman year of high school. I have reddish hair naturally, but wanted something more intense and over the years I've become addicted to trying lots of colors. I get bored with my hair very easily so I'm always experimenting with it.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

EH: It depends on my mood. Some days I look like a homeless person, other days I dress like a 1950s housewife or a Tim Burton character. Generally I like to mix girly, vintage-inspired pieces with something grungier to dress them down.

CF: What are your favorite ways to accessorize an outfit?

EH: I love big, attention-grabbing statement pieces. I don't feel fully dressed without a few rings or a colorful necklace. I'm also a fan of fun shoes so sometimes I'll make them the focal point of my outfit and keep the rest simple.

CF: Where's your favorite place to shop?

EH: Forever21 and H&M are some of my favorites but I try to save money by shopping at thrift stores. I have drawers full of clothes from Savers that are too big or out of style that I plan on altering or embellishing.

CF: Who's your style icon?

EH: I love Hayley Williams! She's inspired a lot of my looks over the years because she's not afraid to try a variety of styles. I'm also in love with everything that Katy Perry wears. Her outfits are always so costume-inspired and theatrical and over the top, and sometimes I'll try to replicate that in a simplified way.

How To: Do you want this Fashionista’s artistic street style look? Try pairing a neutral colored top with a dark colored skirt and black tights. Next layer a printed button-down shirt over your top and add a denim jacket on top. Finally accessorize the outfit with a bright pop of jewelry, a pair of combat boots and a knit beanie.


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