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Possibly one of my favorite trends that I’ve been spying all over the runways this season is the mixture of prints. There’s something so serendipitous about the combination of a few really good prints. I think the appeal is in the surprise. Finding out that two prints that look like they’d absolutely clash, actually look absolutely chic is an amazing thing in fashion. Mixing the right prints can add dimension to your look and make your outfit appear richer. This week’s Fashionista, who was found on a park bench, totally nailed it!

Name: Elinor Vanheeckeren
Year: Freshman
Major: Sustainable Horticulture

College Fashionista: What are you wearing?
Elinor Vanheeckeren: Most of what I have on right now is borrowed my friends. I borrow from my friends a lot. My pants are borrowed from one of my online friends, my boots are thrifted, my scarf is from Urban Outfitters and my shirt is actually from my ex-boyfriend.
Side note: exes might be good for something afterall!

CF: What’s your fall must have item (clothes/accessories)?
EV: I really like knit/crochet hats.

CF: Who do you look to for your fashion inspiration?
EV: Older ladies. I’m inspired by old ladies that I see on the bus and their outfit combinations.

CF: How many times a day do you typically change your outfit?
EV: Wow, a lot. I wear something different to my earlier classes than I do my later classes. I usually change my outfit twice during the day and once at night if I go out. So probably three times a day I guess.

CF: What’s your favorite season to dress for and why?
EV: Oh definitely fall. You can wear lots of layers. You get to buy your hats, scarves and boots – and cool sweaters are awesome.

How to: The number one rule to remember here is THROW OUT THE RULES! If you aren’t daring and curious, you won’t discover the best combinations. You can start with a basic T-shirt and a plaid button-down top. You can borrow your button-down from your boyfriend, your guy friend, or even your ex. Next, throw on a print scarf that compliments your plaid top. If you’re feeling really bold like this Fashionista, opt to wear a printed pant. If you’re a little more matchy-matchy like me, choose an acid wash jean or fun colored skinnies. Then, wear a really kick-butt pair of boots. Tip: Keep your makeup muted and simple to pull of the bold mix of prints.


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