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I thought the perfect way to end my internship at CollegeFashionista was to showcase the fashion of a former Style Guru. This Fashionista and past Style Guru never ceases to amaze me with her incredible sense of style. With every lace collar, A-line dress and cozy cardigan, she has the style any vintage lovin' Fashionista would drool over. 

Name: Elana Katz

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Describe your personal style.

Elana Katz: I would say my style is definitely a modern vintage. I love taking items from or inspired by the past and updating them for every day wear. I'm really big on classic, feminine pieces. I'll take anything with pleats, lace or a Peter Pan collar.

CF: How do you incorporate fashion in your daily life? (i.e. classes, blog, online shopping…etc)

EK: All of the above! Fashion makes its way into my classes and my terrible online shopping addiction, but its biggest influence is in my blog, Room 334. It's really helped define my personal style and motivates me to try new things with fashion.

CF: What is your dream job in the fashion world?

EK: My absolute dream job would be to write for Lula and live in the UK, but I'll be happy writing for just a small, artsy fashion publication. I just want to discover and write about up-and-coming designers and stores.

CF: What stores do you frequent most? Why do you keep going back?

EK: My most visited store is by far Modcloth. I fall in love with their pieces every single day—no other store matches my style better. I do a little bit of shopping everywhere, but most of my stuff is really from thrift stores, consignment stores or Ebay. I love a good deal more anything.

How To: Get Elana's look with an adorable bow dress. A warm colorful cardigan brightens up any dreary winter day. Brogues like these are extremely versatile, and an adorable cat ear ring is a super cute and playful finishing touch.


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