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No matter what fashion magazines or websites say, trends have an interesting way of evolving and people end up wearing whatever they like! I’ve always been against magazines that write what’s in and what’s out. We have seen that anything can be fashionable depending on any style Fashionistas want to wear. Nothing goes out of style; it is only worn differently. When people ask me what the trends are for fall, I never know what to answer. There are so many different trends and styles that it is very difficult just to pick a few.  

At least for now, Fashionistas are keeping it classic and simple on campus. One classic trend at UTPA is leopard print. A trend that has usually been for fall is now worn through the whole year. It is the accessories and styling to build a whole new look that will be incredibly modern and chic. Looking through the lookbooks of NastyGal, I see leopard print worn in different ways, leggings with a black coat or with a chain top. Not the main character of the outfit, but there it is — the leopard print. Also, designers like Proenza Schouler and Giorgio Armani decided to style their fall ready-to-wear collections with accessories of exotic prints in unexpected silhouettes, so I think we will have animal prints for a while.

Today’s Fashionista loves leopard print. She shows us how to wear it in a simple tank top with a statement gold necklace to look casual and sophisticated for school. She is wearing TOMS shoes, which are very popular on campus too.

Name: Dafne Woodin

Mayor: Marketing

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing right now?

Dafne Woodin: I am wearing a gold necklace from Macy’s, jeans from Target. My tank top is from bebe, I think the bracelet is from JCPenny and TOMS shoes.

CF: Who are your fashion influences?

DW: I look for everyone, from my fellow classmates to people in magazines and TV. I try to find something in my closet to make any look that I liked.

CF: What does fashion mean to you?

DW: It means everything. You dress to who you are; it is the first thing that people look at, so that’s why everyone should be presentable every time.

CF: Describe how you feel when you dress every day?

DW: I definitely feel that I am wearing a mask with clothes. Sometimes I dress very professional or casual to come to school. I feel that I dress up for any occasion.

How To: To recreate the classic print look, try this leopard top and pair it with simple black skinny jeans. Remember for the accessories, you can wear something like Fashionista’s necklace with gold earrings. TOMS shoes are very cute and you support a cause at the same time. You can support another charity also with these bracelets from ShelterBox. Finally, don’t stress over what’s on-trend and what’s not. Choose whatever style you feel comfortable in and own it!


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