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If you have been reading CollegeFashionista for a while now, this Fashionista might seem familiar. Christine Nguyen was approached last year by a previous Style Guru and the one thing that I thought of was how one’s style can change within a year. Style is always evolving. I don’t know about you, but I am influenced by multiple things when it comes to fashion. Fashion bloggers, art, movies and fashion designers. Oh, and of course Fashionistas that I find on CollegeFashionista.


Name: Christine Nguyen

Major: Advertising and Public Relations

Year: Sophomore


CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing and where did you get it from?

Christine Nguyen: The dress I got from Forever 21. I think I got it from a clearance rack. I am wearing a denim vest. I bought it from a thrift store, but I believe it was originally from the Gap. I am wearing black tights. I really like tights for the fall. Right now I am on a pants protest and I am seeing how far I can go into the fall without wearing pants. I am wearing ankle rain boots that I actually got from Target.

CF: When you go shopping in a store, do you normally go straight to the clearance rack to find the best deals?

CN: Yeah, when I shop I generally go to the back of the store first. You can find all the goodies there for really cheap. Next, I move up to the front because if I start in the front, that is where I would blow all of my money!

CF: Are most of your outfits budget friendly?

CN: Kind of. I kinda feel like I am always a season behind, but then I work it into what I will be wearing now.

CF: Is there a movie that you like that may influence your style?

CN: Movie wise do not normally influence my style. I usually follow fashion bloggers like Karla’s Closet.  She is my favorite. She has a blogspot. Then there is Pinterest!

How To: Revolutionize your wardrobe with this striped dress from Forever 21, this denim vest from Madewell and these amazing ankle rain boots from ModCloth. Get inspired and try something new! Don' be afraid to push forward! Fashion isn't just clothes. It's a way of life.


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