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A favorite trend of mine this season is the oversized everything. Hats, scarves, jackets, broaches and buttons all grew double in size this season and I think it is fantastic! While I would be game to wear Marni’s giant broaches on everything I own, I wondered what other oversized items students wouldn’t mind wearing this coming fall. I saw this Fashionista sporting an oversized cape and had to snap a few shots.

Name: Caroline Ferguson

Major: Chemical Engineering

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Caroline Ferguson: This morning I knew it would be on the chilly side so I wore my Millard Fillmore jacket for a vintage, comfortable style. I paired it with a floral and checkered print scarf, soft black sweater and black skirt.

CF: What influences your style?

CF: I was feeling the earthy tones today.

CF: What are some trends you are excited about with the upcoming season?

CF: I hope to see some ornate scarves, simple yet versatile hats and some fitted jackets with a modern edge.

How to: Capes are a perfect way to try the oversized trend without feeling like a cartoon character. Try places such as All Saints and Zara for styles like this. When wearing something oversized it is best to keep that item the center of the outfit for a balenced look. Neutral colors are best when wearing this trend around campus unless you enjoy standing out. If so, then make like Blair Waldorf and go ahead and wear that lime green cape of yours. I feel a pop of color in the sea of pajamas and collegiate shirts can be refreshing to everyone's eyes. 


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