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Finding a great deal for a must-have piece is a skill that every Fashionista learns to polish, especially during her time in college. While walking around campus as the weather in the inland Northwest hits record breaking temperature, I have seen a lot of unique, stylish outfits that still allow the Fashionista to beat the heat. This particular Fashionista caught my eye at an on campus BBQ. Her outfit choice came across as comfortable chic, and made me want to know more about her pieces. To my surprise both her bold, graphic shorts and brown, peep toe sandals were thrifted.

This particular Fashionista can lead the pack with her ability to find fabulous pieces for her wardrobe at amazing prices. Caroline embodies thrift store chic, due to her incredible eye for finding pieces, her wardrobe mostly consists of stylish finds from local thrift stores.

Name: Caroline Craft

Year: Senior

Major: Italian Studies/International Relations

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Caroline Craft: Simple & affordable

CF: If you have a style icon who would it be?

CC: Alexa Chung

CF: What is your favorite purchase so far from a thrift stores?

CC: Brazilian leather sandals & turquoise necklace

How To: In order to emulate Caroline’s comfortable, chic outfit during the last weeks of summer, look for pieces that can easily transfer into the fall season. To stay within the budget-conscious mind, go to Forever 21 for bold shorts that can be worn in warmer weather, and paired with tights when the weather turns chilly. The shorts should be paired with a simple, over sized tee. To complete the look wear a fashion staple of oxfords and a bold piece of jewelry.


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