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I’ve been addicted to style star Blair Eadie’s blog, Atlantic-Pacific, for quite some time now. I pay a daily visit to her site with childlike excitement to see the fresh and unconventional ways she puts outfits together. Aside from her picture perfect ensembles, I think what captivates me the most about her style is that it’s completely effortless. She makes print mixing, texture mixing and proportion mixing look like a breezewhen even the most well-versed Fashionista can admit to experiencing hesitance at such tasks. Interviewing this week’s Fashionista and hearing about her affinity for laidback fashion reminded me of Blair’s enviable natural sense of style. 

Name: Candace Mosley

Major: Nursing

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How has your style evolved over the four years you’ve spent in college?

Candace Mosley: I feel like I’ve placed more of an importance on style as I’ve gotten older. Freshman year, I was alright with going to class in sweatpants and a sweatshirt but that rarely happens now. I make more of an effort to step out of my apartment in an outfit that’s more put together.

CF:  What clothing styles do you gravitate towards?

CM: I keep my outfits simple—jeans, a cute top, a pair of boots and a cardigan or my favorite blue blazer I’m wearing now! I make sure my look is laidback, usually adding a pair of earrings to accessorize. I get a lot of my clothes from Forever 21, Macy’s and H&M and I pick clothes that I can get multiple use out of. I’m not so much of a trend follower but if I can make several outfits from an article of clothing I like, I’m buying it!

CF:  Favorite article of clothing or accessory in your wardrobe?

CM: All of my earrings! I have tons of them and accessorizing with earrings is so much fun. The right pair can easily dress up an outfit.

How To: To obtain this Fashionista’s relaxed look this winter, make this red cardigan a wardrobe staple. One day, wear this striped knit top under with this pair of jeans from Urban Outfitters. Throw on a pair of these darling earrings for an ultra feminine addition. A winter ensemble wouldn’t be complete without a pair of boots and coat!


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