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For a true CollegeFashionista, style is never forsaken, even during dance rehearsal. This Fashionista stays busy trying to balance school and dance, but carries her personal style onto the stage, sporting her “lucky” combat boots when tough auditions come around. One look at this effortless Fashionista's cozy functional fall look, and I had to know more.

Name: Ashley Volner

Year: Junior

Major: Dance

College Fashionista: What inspired your look this afternoon?

Ashley Volner: Today I wanted comfy but not lazy. Since I take dance classes daily, many outfits are centered around dance clothes. That's why my American apparel leggings are a great buy. Theyre thick enough to cover my body but stretchy for dance rehearsals and will last a long time.

CF: Where do you get your style inspiration?

AV: Much of my style is based on my hometown, Memphis, TN. Growing up with rock and roll has instilled boots and more “grunge” influenced clothing into my life. Boots have also been almost a motif in my closet because I grew up doing hip hop. Boots and sneakers are typically used for classes and hip hop performances so my hand usually can reach them first in the morning when I'm rushing to get ready.

CF: Where did you get those perfectly worn-in boots?

AV: I've had these boots forever! These particular boots I wore today are the boots I've gotten majority of my hip hop gigs and jobs in so I've made it a point to wear them on test days or other audition days.

How to: This look is a great casual class outfit. Her American Apparel leggings are perfect for Fashionista's on-the-go. They can transfer easily from the classroom to the gym or dance practice. To keep in allign with the grunge look aforementioned by this Fashionista, rock your favorite plaid. She chose a thick plaid coat to complement the chilly fall air. Top the look off with your favorite combat boots and you are set to face the day in style. Steve Madden has afordable boot options for the Fashionista on a budget, but Frye offers a perfectly worn-in option that will cost a little extra.


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