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It’s definitely safe to say that there have been a lot of trends, past and present, that most of society is afraid to try. I can name a few that even I was questioning. While I do admire the daring few who try to think outside of the box when it comes to fashion, there are still some temporary lapses of judgment that we will never forget. I know everyone was a little more than concerned when Lady Gaga adorned her body in a complete meat ensemble. Surprisingly though, there are many people who are afraid to try even the most basic of trends, and that’s where this brave Fashionista comes in. Mixed prints are like that guy in high school you never thought anything of, and then suddenly after running into him three years later over Christmas Break, you’re left wondering why you never realized his potential. People don’t realize there’s something extremely sophisticated about mixing an edgy print with a more timeless pattern, and it’s easier than you think.

Name: Ashley Phelps

Major: Sociology

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Ashley Phelps: I guess like not trying too hard. I try to blend together masculine and feminine, gender blending. I like prints and designs. I don’t like to spend a lot of money on clothes.

CF: Favorite brands?

AP: I don’t really have any favorite brands. I don’t really like anything brand name. I haven’t been to a real mall in four years. I look at brands and try to emulate them.

CF: One item you can't live without?

AP: Boots.

CF: What era of fashion would you most like to live in? Why?

AP: It’s a really big tie between the 1960s and the 1700s. I feel like as much as it sucks to be born in the 1700s, the way that the things that they wore accentuated them and the embellishments. The 1960s because I feel like everyone was so fashionable. I like the makeup and accessories.

CF: Most wanted item right now?

AP: A good jacket, like denim or leather. I’ve kind of been on the lookout for that, that I can do stuff to and is the perfect fit.

How To: The last thing I want you to do is grab every article of clothing with a print on it and throw it on your body. This look is meant to look effortless, but let's be honest, it’s never that simple. Try to choose pieces in the same color family to avoid a clashing look, like pairing this striped sweater with these geometric trousers. Remember that scale is key; this rule is crucial for anyone wanting to mix similar prints. You don’t want to lose yourself in the chaos of two overwhelming florals, first world problems, right? If you’re looking for similar styles to this Fashionista check out this white blouse and cheetah print blazer from Shopbop.


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