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As I was visiting friends at Loyola University in Chicago during a much needed break from small town Macomb, I saw this Fashionista walk by and fell in love with her relaxed urban style. Her tall socks beneath her knee-high boots, one of my favorite trends, struck me first. Upon closer inspection, I found myself even more entranced by the little details that complete this cozy chic ensemble.

Name: Ariahna Black

Major: Communications/Journalism and Business

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Ariahna Black: I would describe my personal style as going with the flow. Growing up in California I definitely think I had more of a “Cali” style with cropped tops, high shorts and boots. Now that I live in Chicago I've been wearing a lot more of weather appropriate clothes for the changing season. Now I think I have more of a street style for a majority of my outfits consisting of graphic T-shirts, sweaters, high socks and boots. I can't really put a set name to my style, I just wear what is comfortable and what I feel good in. Fashion is a way of expression for me, so I try to be as bold as possible as often as possible.

CF: What is your favorite trend at the moment? Describe an outfit you would incorporate that trend into.

AB: My favorite trend is definitely the whole symbol of crosses, and of course studs. My ideal outfit would probably be a blouse with studded crosses on either side of the button-up. I also have been wearing thicker leggings with vintage-like patterns up the side. Then I would top it off with my pair of brownish-purple Nordstrom boots with my Topshop hoops and red lipstick.

CF: Where do you get your style inspiration (celebrities, magazines, blogs, etc.)?

AB: I get my inspiration from just anything I see and like. I try not to go off of any magazine trends because I like trying to incorporate individuality into my overall style.

CF: What is one thing every Fashionista should have in her closet? What about this is so fashionably crucial?

AB: Fashionistas don't need any specific item in their closet—they just need to hold originality and strive to hold independent style and be bold enough to pull it off! It's crucial because so many people try to follow so closely to the top trends and they end up not wearing what they are comfortable and feel confident in. Individuality is key in my opinion. If I were to have to choose one item though, it would be a pair of Jeffrey Campbell's for that necessity.

How To: Tall socks with a pair of knee-high boots are great for the season. A big cozy cardigan and a printed T-shirt are excellent versatile pieces. Statement jewelry like this long skull necklace and this cross choker complete the city chic look.


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