I’ve spotted this Fashionista in my Art History class this semester a few times. Always well-dressed with hint of individualism and a stylish pair of glasses in every outfit, her wardrobe has always been something I’ve appreciated. In this particular outfit of hers, I’m loving her head-to-toe neutral ensemble, complete with unique and cute accessories that add a stylish, yet quirky touch to the look. This Fashionista proves that a unique pair of glasses or sense of style is just as fashion forward as a Chanel bag or pair of Louboutin heels. She supports the notion that how stylish you are is not necessarily about designer labels or chic head-to-toe black, but about how you style things and how you put your own spin on an outfit. 

Name: Annie Schultz

Year: Exchange Student from France

Major: Social Sciences

College Fashionista: What is your favorite part of getting dressed in the morning?

Annie Schultz: I'm not able to choose anything good to wear in the morning. So my favourite part of getting dressed in the morning is actually picking items in the evening so that I don't have to think about it at 8:00 am.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

AS: Simple, comfortable and containing at least one old item. I don't like brand new outfits.

CF: What are your favorite places to shop?

AS: Shops selling clothes for charity organizations. Contrary to chain second-hand shops where everything is already selected for you, charities are the place to find something special in a pile of shitty clothes. That's the fun part about second-hand shopping.

CF: Do you have any tips for college students looking to shop on a budget?

AS: Charities and Grandma's. Always. Only turn to H&M or Zara for basics.

CF: What is your most-worn item in winter?

AS: My large mustard sweater I got from a charity shop in France. It's comfortable, it's warm, and matches the colour of the fall.

How To: To get this Fashionista’s look, first look at secondhand shops for stylish and unique pieces. For other basics, start out by looking for neutral pieces that are simple, yet stylish. For a stylish pair of quirky frames, check out the site Warby Parker. Try this pair from the glasses site to add a cute and fashionable touch to any outfit. To add a new spin on this Fashionista’s outfit, try a floral patterned dress instead of a bouse in a soft color. This soft yellow option from ASOS is an excellent option at an extremely discounted price.  For shoes, maybe finish the outfit off with a casual, versatile, and neutral pair of oxfords. This pair from Nordstrom would be cute with a number of outfits.


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