Fashionista Spotlight

With the warm weather in full swing, it gives the Fashionistas a little time to put away the winter jacket and put on a lighter load for class. Bright and early, I spotted this Fashionista doing just that.

Name: Annie Kineavy

Major: Marketing

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Tell me a little about what you are wearing.

Annie Kineavy: The sweater is from J.Crew, my jeans are Lucky, the boots are Dolce Vita and a Free People scarf.

CF: Who or what do you look to for style inspiration?

AK: I don’t think there is a better place to find style inspiration than people watching in New York City because you see such a wide variety of people and styles.

CF: If you had to pick a character from a movie or television show that illustrates your sense of style, whom would you choose?

AK: I always look to Lauren Conrad for style inspiration because I love how classic her style is but at the same time she incorporates current trends, which keeps me up to date.

How To: When emulating someone else’s style, the best way to go about doing that is making it your own. Don’t merely copy an outfit, but instead take a piece of it and add it to your own wardrobe. For example, last year I saw Ashley Olsen donning some simple loafers and since that I had been searching for the perfect pair. However, once I found them, I adapted them into my own wardrobe instead of emulating hers. Granted, I have similar tastes as Ashley Olsen, but instead of pairing mine with an oversized sweater, I opted for a simple Vince long sleeve T-shirt with J.Crew black slender pants. I took another Fashionista’s look and made it my own.


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