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The beauty of fashion is its endless possibilities. Categories of trends give us guidelines on how to dress ourselves, but more creativity shows when a Fashionista mixes and matches her wardrobe into eclectic combinations! That is exactly what describes this Fashionista whom I ran into after a morning class. Her simple, yet unexpected combination of pieces expresses a diversity in her fashion taste. She transformed a basic tank and casual flared pants into a great look by the addition of a sheer vintage embroidered cardigan and a tattoo stretch choker. This Fashionista knows how to throw together a remarkable get-up!

Name: Annie Catanzaro

Year: 4th

Major: International Studies

CollegeFashionista: Who or what inspires your fashion style?

Annie Catanzaro: I'd say Audrey Hepburn inspires my fashion style, using a vintage example, but it's true! Her constant class and refinement are unparalleled in the realm of today's celebrities. I aim to someday have half as much sophistication as she carried, and often find myself glamour-dreaming about her. The other person that I'd say has inadvertently guided my hand in selecting things is Gwen Stefani. Although I can't say I didn't feel betrayed by her when she left No Doubt back in the day, I always admired individuality and smashing conglomeration of so many different aspects of fashion.

CF: Describe your sense of style?

AC: My roommate once told me “You own the ugliest clothes, and somehow when you put them together, they look great”. I have to say I'm proud of that one, and the ability to throw things together that people wouldn't normally expect.

CF: Which decade do you believe to be the most influential for fashion?

AC: I know the classic response is “60s” or “80s” since we seem to have cycled back through there quite a few times, but I would personally say the 20s. They initiated the fashion culture of challenging the norm, and daring to lift the skirt a little higher (probably not a good thing on some people).

CF: What is your go-to wardrobe piece (essential accessory) that tops off every outfit?

AC: Jewelry! Rings! Long dangly earrings. The fallback plan is always a dress, especially on the slow mornings where the world seems to move much faster than either my alarm or I do. And Colors! In short, everything.

How To: Before you throw away those platforms and leopard tights from last season, keep them around for a bit and see if you can incorporate those old trends with new ones! The one thing that really caught me about this Fashionista’s look was her choice of a late 90s black choker. You don’t see these around too often anymore. Today there are many forms of chokers like this Free People tribal rope necklace. A choker can be worn with an additional long charm necklace to really make your neckline pop. Also what this Fashionista chose was a defined outerwear option similar to this grid silk wrap from Spanish Moss Vintage. This selection of layering is an appealing and accessible choice that adds charming essence to every outfit!


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