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Do you ever have one of those warm fall days where it’s too hot to wear a jacket but too cold to wear shorts? To solve the problem, this Fashionista put a twist on a warm whether outfit by adding a large cable knit infinity scarf and a pair of black leather studded boots. It's great to mix basic items like a shirt and jeans together and then make them more stylish and modern by adding a few special touches. This is the perfect type of style for college students that let them dress comfortable while maintaining their individual style.

Name: Allison Weadock

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What's your favorite way to wear colored or printed leggings?

Allison Weadock: My favorite may to wear leggings is with booties and a big comfy sweater.

CF: What's your favorite fall color to wear?

AW: My favorite fall color to wear is oxblood.

CF: What's a signature piece in your wardrobe?

AW: The signature piece in my wardrobe is my gold sideways, cross necklace.

CF: What's your favorite store to shop at for fall and winter clothing?

AW: I like to go check out all the little boutiques by my apartment or downtown.

CF: Where do you get your style inspiration from?

AW: I get my style inspiration from my sisters and lately from Pinterest.

How To: Do you want this Fashionista’s comfy yet stylish look? Try coupling a pair of printed or colored leggings with a split shoulder top. Then add a bulky cable knit scarf, a pair of pearl earrings and a pair of tall studded leather boots. Finally make sure you have a bright colored tote bag to bring to class to complete your outfit.


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