This graphic design student talks comfortably about her own individual style and the inspirations she takes. She is loyal to Australian brands and even when asked where she would go with a billion dollar bank account she chooses a favourite Australian brand. True Blue.

Name: Alex Kimpton

Major: Communication Design

Year: First

College Fashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Alex Kimpton: Ah, I think it’s pretty individual; I don’t really follow any specific trends. I guess I find things that I like and put them together.

CF: What are your favourite brands?

AK: I like Mink Pink and Country Road. And I like Witchery a lot, Witchery is probably my favourite brand.

CF: How much do you think you would spend per month on clothes?

AK: On a monthly basis maybe around $300 dollars ?

CF: And if you had all the money in the world where would be your first stop?

AK: Probably Scanlan and Theodore. I think they have really nice things but they’re also really expensive.

CF: So you really like our Australian brands?

AK: Yeah, definitely. I don’t really follow international trends or anything so whatever is around is what I like.

CF: So where would you get most of your style inspiration from?

AK: Probably on the Internet. Of the more expensive brands that I like I look at their websites and into their lookbooks and things like that.

How To: What I love about this look is the skirt. A maxi style in this sheer black material is so versatile: wear it with a coloured sweater and leather jacket on top for dreamy-grunge style or create a sophisticated look by substituting some black suede pumps and a loose black silk tee tucked in for a night time look. American Apparel has a classic sheer maxi skirt in chiffon, quite similar to this Fashionista's. This Black Milk maxi dress means you could wear it with sweater over the top in winter as seen here, or by itself for an edgier look in the warmer months. And here's one I absolutely LOVE: the Virtue Maxi skirt from Guess. It's seriously too great for me to handle. Thigh high split, big stripe patterns and structured hem: so perfectly cool.


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