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This week UChicago welcomed 1,525 first year students to campus. Rachelle Koch is one of those first year students and she caught my attention with her interesting mix of sweet, classic prep school and military pieces all in one perfectly layered fall look. After our conversation, it was clear that interesting is exactly the vibe that this Fashionista exudes. Of Turkish heritage, interested in a medical profession and partial to swimming and windsurfing, Rachelle made it hard for me to eventually end our conversation. (I settled for a hug and email address exchange when we parted ways.) UChicago admissions board, if the rest of the Class of 2016 is like this Fashionista, then you deserve a firm pat on the back for finding a class of genuinely interesting and charismatic individuals. Job well done.

Name: Rachelle Koch
Grade: 1st Year
Potential Major: Comparative Human Development

CollegeFashionista: So why did you choose UChicago and what do you want to study here?

Rachelle Koch: Well I knew I wanted a more discussion-based environment so the University of Chicago seemed like a good fit. I know I want to take the pre-med requirements, but I also don’t want to major in Biology. I was thinking of something like Comparative Human Development.

CF: You definitely came to the right place if you’re interested in discussion. I also like that you want to take a different route than the typical Bio pre-med route. Is there anything that you are looking forward to in particular this fall?

RK: I’m looking forward to maturing from a high-school student to a college student. Everyone here seems so mature and adult-like!

CF: Haha, don’t worry, you’re talking to someone who’s been here for two years and I’m still not an adult. Your sense of style seems very mature though. Would you like to elaborate on it?

RK: Well I have two styles. My first is girly and vintage-inspired. The second is casual and sporty.

CF: That’s interesting, will you be joining any athletic programs here? And I see that the outfit you’re wearing must be your first style; can you tell me about what you’re wearing?

RK: I love swimming so I am planning to join intramurals. Also, I want to join the sailing team here. Yes, this outfit is the girly style. I’m wearing an Old Navy sweater, white T-shirt from Gap, Forever 21 jacket, XOXO skirt, basic white tights, H&M socks, gifted Topshop earrings from London and boots from DSW (which were her first Chi-town purchase!).

How-to: The incoming class of 2016 has arrived and that means only one thing. Fall is here. This Fashionista makes dressing for the season look like a breeze. Transition your sweet and breezy skirts into the cooler months by pairing them with tights and cozy socks. Layer closet staples over one another like a crew-neck fisherman sweater over a white T-shirt. To keep the look from being too sweet and preppy, add a military-style jacket and rugged booties and you’ll be sure to rock this new quarter looking like a seasoned pro.


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