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As winter semester comes to a close and spring semester starts, the atmosphere around campus begins to shift, and so do the various styles present on campus. No longer are there heavy winter jackets paired with riding boots. Instead, you can expect to see flowy skirts and dresses paired with sandals and flats. This next Fashionista’s ensemble exemplifies the spring style that is present here in Ann Arbor. For her outfit, she cleverly layered a maxi dress with a crop top to accommodate Michigan’s unpredictable weather.

Name: Yang Zhang

Major: Economics and Financial Math

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Yang Zhang: I’m wearing a crop top sweater, a striped maxi dress and ballet flats with animal print.

CF: What influences your style?

YZ: I tend be influenced by fashion magazines, and Vogue is probably my favorite fashion magazine to draw inspirations from.

CF: Where are your favorite places to shop?

YZ: My favorite store to shop at is Zara.

CF: What spring/summer trend are you looking most forward to?

YZ: I’m looking forward to being able to wear T-shirts, shorts and flats.

How To: Remember that layering is a necessity if the weather around you is often unpredictable. It is always smart to slip a cardigan into your purse/backpack or to carry around a scarf just to be safe. If you would like to create an ensemble based on how this Fashionista layered her look, you can find a similar maxi dress, crop top and shoes with these links.


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