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Finally spring semester can live up to it’s name as temperatures rise and the sun shines bright enough to finally allow us to take the heavy winter coats off our backs. What I love about this look is that it can be classified as daily wear that is both professional and somewhat casual. The layering adds depth and complexity to a monochrome outfit, which is further complimented by the sheer texture of the pants and soft wool jacket. Trade in a pair of frames for a chic sun hat to mix things up a bit and add some balance to a heavy coat. Models frequently wear bizarre hats and it may not be the conventional go-to accessory, but it definitely works on this Fashionista —plus, who doesn’t love standing out?

Name: Yana Amina Persaud

Major: Marketing

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: Where is everything you’re wearing from?

Yana Persaud: I purchased my hat from Vince Camuto and my scarf from Lord & Taylor. My coat is from Zara Women. My long sleeve V-neck is from Uniqlo and my mid-waist pants are from H&M. Lastly, my shoes are desert boot Clark’s.

CF: What would you say is the biggest influence on how you dress?

YP: My biggest fashion inspiration is my granny. Growing up, I watched her create beautiful garments with her home sewing machine. I admired her passion for designing and I believe that passion grew unto me.

CF: What is your go-to item?

YP: My go-to accessory would have to be either my gold hoops or my gold necklaces. They go with almost every garment in my closet. They’re perfect.

CF: If you could, which celebrity closet would you raid?

YP: I would absolutely love to raid June Ambrose’s closet. I absolutely adore her. Her style is so effortless and chic. If not June Ambrose, Pharrell’s. I’d just have a lot altering to do.

CF: What are some of your wardrobe staples? 

YP: The first wardrobe staple that I have is to ultimately wear the clothes, not have the clothes wear you. The second wardrobe staple that I have is to always have at least two pairs of black pants, you never know when one may rip. My third wardrobe staple is to have a red or nude lipstick according to your shade. That’s a necessity. Black pointy heels, are an absolute must. Lastly, always have confidence and be comfortable in your skin. When all your clothes are off, all you’re left in is skin. Be comfortable and confident in what is wrapped around you.

CF: If you could, what item would you splurge on?

YP: If money was not an issue, I would love to splurge on tons of top quality and exclusive fabric. I can not think of one item, as far as fashion, I’d splurge on. I’d definitely splurge on a 1925 Rolls Royce Phantom I Joncheere Coupe or a house in Los Angeles.

CF: Tell me about your fashion experience and how it has shaped you. 

YP: My fashion experience started with my long battle with self-hate. I fell in love with fashion and that allowed me to find myself. My fashion experience stimulated my growth and self-acceptance. Fashion, was and is my way out of hard times. I started fashion illustrating in the third grade, I wasn’t any good but, I loved to practice. In the seventh grade I was formally taught fashion illustration and from then on I kept progressing. After I graduated middle school, I attended The High School of Fashion Industries as a fashion design major. There I was taught fashion illustration, pattern making, draping and sewing. The skills I learned at HSFI are so important to me. To me, those are possibly the greatest things I’ve learned in my academic career because it motivated me to be a better thinker and designer. Currently, I am designing for all seasons, just to get the ball rolling for a collection of my own. I’m excited for my first collection and I hope people who see my designs enjoy them just as much as I do.

How to: If you want to achieve this Fashionista’s look, be sure to layer layer layer! Tucking in a T-shirt to pants or jeans is a must, and don’t forget the scarf! I would go for a infinity scarf like this one if you choose not to wear a necklace. However if you’re all about the bling, I recommend a long gold necklace such as this one. I would also invest in a lighter coat, which would be better for the approaching spring weather!


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