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As we begin the start of a new year, new classes and the changes in weather, RISD students are adjusting to the brisk, cold January air, as well as reuniting with good friends. I couldn’t walk past this Fashionista without asking a few questions about who she was and how she put together such a fabulous, bold and printed look! She was right outside of Mem Hall, just getting done with a Painting Final Crit. I could help but wonder wear she came across such wonderful prints and vintage clothing!

Name: Victoria Haynes

Major: Painting

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Tell us about yourself! Major, hometown, and your favorite movie.

Victoria Haynes: I’m a painting major, originally from Atlanta, but I spent most of my childhood in suburban Connecticut. I have too many favorite movies! But this year I loved The Master.

CF: I was so attracted to your incredible prints in the look you have on today. Can you tell me about it? Where is it from? And what attracts you to those impeccable prints?

VH: The pants are from NAVA, a vintage store in Providence. The shirt is my favorite men’s shirt designer, Perry Ellis, and it was my Dad’s until I begged it away from him. The Perry Ellis shirt is such a conversation piece because the print is either tiny luggage tags or gameboys–its whimsical, but not loud. I like menswear a lot. I get easily overwhelmed by loud florals on women’s clothing, so pairing these two small staccato prints created a weird static-y look.

CF: How would you describe your style?

VH: I would say I channel the conservatism of menswear, yet I contrast it with non-sequiturs, like bright red Danskos, mismatched earrings or pink eyebrows.

CF: For a casual evening in studio, what would we find you wearing?

VH: In the studio I wear a green pair of paint-splattered sweatpants from the Army-Navy Surplus, and, most often, an old T-shirt that I painted green plus signs on. Green is my favorite color! It makes me want to paint. I guess most of my paintings are green, too.

CF: Do you have any idols in the fashion industry? If so, who and why?

VH: Anna Piaggi, for always being impeccably right. Nicolas Ghesquière for his innovative construction.

CF: If you have to pack for a trip that allowed only three garments of clothing from your closet, what items would you choose?

VH: A felt leopard print hat that was my Grandmother’s, a vintage pink plaid Japanese housecoat and quilted black ankle boots from Orvis.

How to:  To recreate or find a similar look like Victoria’s I suggest really exploring the vintage thrift stores around Thayer Street. Take this chance to explore different clothing and different styles from history. Take the challenge of finding clothes that are interesting and don’t limit yourself to just clothing that is meant for you’r gender. Explore the variety of prints and textures that can be found among the thrift stores and vintage shops near Brown and RISD campus’s. Such as Second Time Around, and Salvation Army!




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