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Sometimes pressing that snooze button and staying in bed is all you want to do. (And I don’t blame you because that’s literally me every morning!) But the days I actually do wake up when my alarm goes off, I thank myself later when I have that much more time to stand in front of my closet and decide what to wear for the day. I find that those extra minutes directly correlate with the amount of creativity that goes into my outfit, such as finding certain pieces to be more functional than I initially thought. This Fashionista shows a perfect example of this—she’s wearing a dress as a skirt by layering a sweater over it, increasing its functionality so that it can be worn year-round in a number of different ways.

Name: Vanessa Morelan

Year: Junior

Major: Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Vanessa Morelan: I’m wearing a striped dress and oxfords from Forever 21, sunglasses and a purse both from Urban Outfitters and a sweater that I took from my sister’s closet.

CF: How would you describe your style?

VM: My style fluctuates between a very relaxed bohemian look full of earth tones and….I don’t want to say hipster because of the bad connotations that come with that label, but yes, my style can be hipster-like since I shop at Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and thrift stores. I tend to wear a lot of men’s clothing too like henleys, button-ups (if they’re small enough) and elbow-patch sweaters—I guess I’m kind of a tomboy, too.

CF: What do you find in the men’s section that you can’t find for girls?

VM: Certain details on clothing are just done better on men’s clothing. Like elbow patches—they seem to be more genuine looking on men’s sweaters because that’s where they originated, whereas elbow patches on women’s clothing is added more for trend than for utility.  Men’s clothing also tends to come in more earthy-tones. I wouldn’t want a plaid shirt from the women’s section in pink or purple.

CF: Does the UC Davis campus influence your style?

VM: I don’t feel the need to dress up as much here. I just transferred from Boston University, and everyone was always so dressed up there! Everyone here seems to dress for comfort so I’ve kind of adopted that style as well, whereas at BU I was focused more on looking good everyday.  You caught me on a good day though! I usually just come to school in workout clothes now.

How To: Take your favorite dress (or this one from Urban Outfitters!) and pile on the layers! Layer a cream sweater over and throw on a cargo jacket on top of that, or turn the dress into a top by wearing a midi skirt over it with heeled boots. Never let yourself get stuck in the mindset that something can only be worn one way; play around with different combinations and get creative!


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