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With temperatures dropping below 20 degrees during Temple University’s first week of classes, it may seem difficult to display your personal style. I noticed this week’s Fashionista by just that ability. From her Timberland boots to her makeup, this Fashionista channels a tomboy-chic look. Many female stars, such as Rihanna or Amber Rose, are channeling their inner masculinity and power by rocking Timberland boots, and looking quite fabulous doing so. What makes this Fashionista unique is how she embraces this grunge style and stays so classy and beautiful in freezing cold temperatures.

Name: Vanessa Edwards

Major: Media Studies & Production

Year: Sophomore

College Fashionista: What are you wearing and where did you get it from?

Vanessa Edwards: Most of what I’m wearing came from Salvation Army honestly — my jacket and pants are from there. My hoodie is my friends brand 8Fold Limited and my beanie is Cult Classic Goods, also good friends of mine. Then there’s my [Timberlands].

CF: What is one fashion item you cannot live without?

VE: The Beanie. I literally sleep with a beanie on sometimes. Maybe my [Timberlands] too… It’s a toss up.

CF: How do you add personality to everyday wardrobe?

VE: It’s all about the details. People notice little things like how you do your nails, what kind of jewelry you have on, your shoes, makeup, all of that. I like to switch things up, and do them in a way most people wouldn’t.

CF: What’s your best tip for staying stylish while on a college budget?

VE: THRIFT, THRIFT, THRIFT! I don’t buy anything that’s more than five dollars unless they’re shoes or I’m supporting a homie’s brand. Even then, I get most of the stuff for free.

How To: To create this Fashionista’s look try rocking a pair Timberland boots with military inspired cargo pants from Urban Outfitters. Next, add an oversized jacket and a beanie. Also, be sure to check out Philadelphia’s own 8Fold Limited and Cult Classic Goods for unique custom designs.


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