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Patterns, bell-bottoms and button-ups are some of the most fun and colorful outfits that came out of the 70s. This Fashionista channels her colorful soul while complementing modern trends. Her thrifted paisley blouse transforms an everyday outfit into a timeless ensemble. Pairing her button-up with olive skinny jeans and a light cardigan allows her retro personality to shine all the way through to the Fashionista spotlight.

 Name: Tracy Ludwigson

Major: Visual Studies

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Tell me what you’re wearing!

Tracy Ludwigson: I thrifted my paisley button up from a small consignment shop in Philadelphia. I scored my pants on sale at H&M and my booties are Steve Madden. My cardigan and necklace are both from Forever 21.

CF: How has studying abroad in Rome had an influence on your personal style?

TL: Laziness is not an option here. Everyone is done up regardless of the day of the week or the weather. Since Rome is centralized, there are tons of various influences from other cultures. Being forced to dress up every day, my style has become more refined, and I’ve had time to figure out my own unique style. I’m wearing clothes because I like them, not because they’re the hottest trend.

CF: What is your favorite color to include in an outfit?

TL: As boring as it may be and despite all the colors in my outfit, I really like black. Black leather booties are always a go-to piece for any outfit. Black is often seen as a sort of cop out, but in Rome it’s seen as sophisticated and classic-looking. Also, cardigans. They are so versatile and often play a huge role in making any outfit stand out just a bit more against the sea of Romans.

CF: What decade most influences your style?

TL: The 1970s definitely play a role. I love the vibrancy and patterns of the decade.

CF: What is the best advice you have ever been given?

TL: I try to go by, “Everything happens for a reason.” Follow the things that you think are right-there has to be a reason that they’re happening. Follow your heart, there’s a plan for everyone.

How To: Start with a blouse with a bold and colorful printed pattern like this one from Zara. Layer on your favorite oversized open-knit cardigan (try this one!), but be sure to keep it neutral so it doesn’t clash with the busy blouse and colored pants. Green is no longer limited to fall, so slip on a pair of olive jeans despite the bare trees. If olive isn’t your color, opt for any other colored denim to match with the colors of the top. For a night out, consider black ankle pants or a skater skirt to pair with your heeled ankle booties. I love any extra detailing and the studs on these boots provide the perfect link between retro and modern trends. Try these buckled booties from DSW. Finish off the look with a geometric collared necklace that is chunky enough to stand out and complete the outfit without clashing with the ’70s style blouse.


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