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Tackling winter fashion amidst snow and icy winds is not for the weak-hearted, but this Fashionista braved the cold to wear a classic black dress spiced up with a vibrant wintry color palette. Her raspberry-colored gloves make a surprising match for her forest green plaid coat, and her light blue scarf enhances her eyes and brightens up her look. Being bold with colors and patterns pays off for this Fashionista in comfort and in style.

Name: Tori Roeck

Major: Classics

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Tori Roeck: I’m wearing L.L.Bean six inch “Bean Boots” I got at the L.L.Bean outlet. My Comptoir des Cotonniers black cashmere dress is a real staple. It was kind of expensive, but it’s simple and I can wear it forever. I bought my Ralph Lauren Rugby green plaid coat as the brand was shutting down. It was the last one in my local Rugby store, and they had to take it off the mannequin for me. My Portolano cashmere tan headband is very soft and it’s not itchy like wool ones. Wearing hats usually messes up my hair, so wearing a warm headband helps preserve my hairdo. My fleece-lined tights are a godsend in South Bend winter. My belt is vintage Ralph Lauren from my mom’s closet.

CF: What was the inspiration for your outfit today?

TR: I wanted to showcase an outfit that proves you can dress up even in the snow and cold. I don’t want to give up my skirts and dresses in the winter so things like Bean boots and fleece-lined tights are my secret. 

CF: What’s on your fashion wish list this Christmas?

TR: I really want the Mark and Graham plain leather tote bag with my monogram on it in camel. I also asked for cashmere touch screen gloves. I would appreciate anything from Comptoir des Cotonniers.

CF: What do you love most about holiday fashion?

TR: I love the metallics involved in holiday fashion. I like to wear sequins and shiny pieces during the holidays. I’m not a big fan of bright red or bright green so I show my holiday spirit through metallics. 

CF: What are your favorite colors to wear during the winter season?

TR: I love to wear camel and jewel-tone sweaters in the winter. My favorite color is purple, and I supplement those pieces with burgundy and emerald. I also tend to wear a lot of black in the winter. It’s just easy.

How To: Start with a simple chic black sweater dress, preferably a warm cashmere or cashmere blend. Find a classic winter coat that stands out for its pattern, and show it off by pairing it with gloves and a scarf that complement its color. Don’t forget a headband, fleece-lined tights, thick socks and boots for trekking through snow and ice!

Check out how to recreate this look on eBay here. My eBay collections were curated as part of the CollegeFashionista and eBay collaboration with Style Coalition #FOLLOWITFINDIT


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