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I love that in today’s society we are not forced to wear dresses all the time. Not too long ago, there was a time where women were not allowed to wear pants or any type of masculine clothing. But as time progressed, we’d voice our opinions of how we wanted to dress. I believe the masculine look for women is a great blend of androgynous sophistication. Alexa Chung is a great example of this. She usually mixes feminine and masculine pieces of clothing together and still rocks it. This Fashionista is killing it with this monochromatic masculine outfit. Plus, you definitely can’t touch those harem pants. (See what I did there)? Basically, the small closest that you and your significant other are sharing has just became a little bit more yours than his. You can thank me later.

Name: Timanni Walker

Major: Advertising and Public Relations

Year: Freshmen

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing and where did you get it from?

Timanni Walker: I am wearing a black hat, black shirt, black converse, gray pants and black socks. All three are from Cotton On, the pants are from Forever 21 and my socks are from Journeys.

CF: What are you looking forward to wearing for the New Year?

TW: I’m not into stuff like that. I’m kinda just more myself, but probably what I am wearing. I always have my black hat and my black Converse shoes. It’s like a symbol uniform for me.

CF: Are those your usual go to pieces for you?

TW: All the time! It’s my signature. If my teachers do not see a black hat in class that day then they know I’m not there.

CF: Is there anything influential about the outfit you are wearing? Like the hat and the Converse shoes?

TW: It is basically a statement uniform. A lot of times you can get lost in what is trendy or what is fashionable. You can kinda lose sense of who we are as individuals. I figured that less is more. Some people want to disassociate who we are. I am black from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet, I am always black. I embrace that. I embrace who I am. If you want to get to know me, you do not have to see what kind of clothes I am wearing. You’ll see by how I carry myself. I keep my clothes simple so my personality can speak for itself.

How To: If you are wanting to feel a little bit more comfortable, but still want to look fashionable, grab your boyfriend’s jeans or best guy friend’s flannel shirt and put it on. Don’t worry if the article of clothing is a little bit bigger than what you would normally wear. It will actually enhance the look you might be going for. Try these harem pants from Forever 21 with a pair of Converse sneakers. For the top, wear a simple T-shirt or tuck in a collared button-down shirt. Add a bowtie if you want to take it a step further.


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