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The temperatures are plummeting below zero at Syracuse and it’s extremely tempting to opt for the typical Syracuse attire, which includes a full length North Face, UGG accessories and Sorel boots. However, this Fashionista dares to be different by sporting a unique plaid mid-length coat and knee-highs!  This Fashionista’s messenger bag pulls together her entire outfit to produce an awe inspiring retro look.

Name: Taylor Johnson

Major: Architecture

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What inspired the look you’re wearing today?

Taylor Johnson: I love vintage looks! I love how the jacket has hard plaid lines, while the knee-highs and booties balance it out and make my outfit more feminine. I bought these shoes during my freshman year of high school, and they have been my go-to pair ever since!

CF: Where is that wonderful bag from?

TJ: It’s actually from my attic! My mom and I were cleaning our house one day and she was going to throw it away. It was my grandmother’s from the 60′s that got lost over the decades. It is truly vintage.

CF: Where are a few of your favorite places to shop?

TJ: I don’t really shop at many commercial retail stores. I love little vintage boutiques and thrift stores. Shopping at thrift stores offers me a look that is totally unique compared to my peers. I hate having the same look as everyone else. 

CF: Who is your style icon and why?

TJ: That’s tough because there are so many options! If I had to choose just one, I would have to say Twiggy. I love her style and the looks she wore and continues to wear! I love loose dresses with high necklines and I hate anything formfitting. Twiggy loves shift dresses and keeps it retro and original no matter what year it is.

CF: What is your favorite item in your closet?

TJ: My favorite item changes about every two weeks, but currently it is a dress I have worn three times in the past two weeks! I cannot get enough of it! It is a flowy maroon long sleeve dress that cinches at the wrists with custom embroidery. It also has amazing detailing along the neck with an open back. 

How To: In a sea of ladies decked out in black puffer coats and plain accessories, differentiating yourself is not as hard as it may seem! This Fashionista uses her coat as her statement piece. Whether you choose plaid or houndstooth, you cannot go wrong with an over-sized coat. She really grabs the most attention with her messenger bag. This amazing vintage piece is hard to replicate, but try looking for leather bags that appear clean and polished. No matter what look you decide to rock this week, make sure that you bundle up and dress safely for this bone-chilling cold front!


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