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Spring is upon us and I love seeing people breaking out of their normal class attire to showcase the clothes that have been hiding all winter. Boots, heavy coats and gloomy weather have flooded campus the past few months, but students are finally falling under that spring spell that puts everyone in a better mood. Most of my wardrobe consists of neutral colors, but I love when people sport a neutral scheme and add a pop of color; and this Fashionista did it so well. The bright green scarf is very on trend for spring’s palette.

Name: Taylor Harris

Major: Marketing

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Taylor Harris: I would say it’s pretty wide-ranging. I like pretty much all fashion. I think if you’re confident, you can pull it all off! (except thin leggings with a shirt that doesn’t cover your buttocks…no one should ever do that).

CF: What is your favorite go-to item in your closet right now?

TH: It’s probably this exact shirt…Everyone is probably so tired of seeing me wear it, but I love it! It’s a great relaxed fit so it’s very comfortable but also looks polished so I still feel sassy in it. I try to switch up my scarves and shoes in hopes that no one will notice!

CF: What is your favorite spring trend?

TH: I love the sandals with the ankle strap and a small wedge on the back. J.Crew has some great ones in black. I think they’re perfect for shorts and skirts. 

CF: What are your favorite places to shop in Knoxville?

TH: I’m a shopper at heart so I love so many places, but I would say my favorites would probably be Francesca’s and Anthropologie. 

How To: I am a scarf fan, but I especially love the cozy green scarf for the chillier mornings as we transition into spring. Etsy has a great selection of infinity scarves for that perfect transition piece. Every Fashionista nowadays owns a pair of leggings, if not a few. They are great for long class days or those spring break road trips. A classic striped long sleeve shirt is a must in every closet. Before the weather rises to the scorching Tennessee temperature, flats will be your best friends. Finish off your spring transition outfit with delicate accessories such as rings and a classic watch.


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