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Even while running errands, a true Fashionista wears clothing that expresses her personal and on-trend style. This Fashionista stood out amongst the crowd of college students even in the middle of running her errands because of her comfortable yet cool, basic yet eclectic look. A busy life does not require a fashion enthusiast to sacrifice her style; it just requires her to adjust to a more clever way of piecing clothing items together. From top to bottom, Tahnee’s tousled locks, soft velvet top and cute little heeled booties make for an effortlessly chic look. Her on wide-leg cropped jeans and boxy collarless jacket are trends that allow her to be fashionably comfortable for her busy day. This Fashionista cleverly pieced her outfit together by dressing up her jeans with a classy velvet top, wearing a trendy jacket for warmth, matching her socks with hues from her top and adding personal flavor with her eclectic rings and bracelets. Seeing this Fashionista dress this well while only running errands intrigues me to know more about her fashion philosophy.

Name: Tahnee Autumn

Major: Teaching graduate program

Year: First-year grad school student

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Tahnee Autumn: Topshop “mom jeans,” JMR chalk garden ankle boots, J.Crew velvet top, Macy’s men’s sweater and Target collection purse.

CF: What inspires your wardrobe?

TA: My wardrobe is inspired by whatever catches my eye and is unique. I am an artist and I receive a lot of my inspiration for fashion through artwork.

CF: Do you look to fashion blogs for inspiration?

TA: The one blog I’ve become obsessed with is ZsaZsa Bellagio. This blog contains wonderful pictures of fashion and so many other things that give me a lot of inspiration.

CF: Where do you shop?

TA: I love to shop at Topshop, J.Crew, Anthropologie, ModCloth and Nordstrom: basically anywhere that offers unique clothing items.

CF: What is your current favorite clothing item and where did you get it?

TA: My favorite clothing item was a gift from my mother back in 2007 from a boutique. It is a handmade sweater with the Union Jack on the back. It truly is my most-prized possession and will always remain my current favorite item in my closet for years to come.

How To: If you are thinking what I am thinking, you want to know where you can get a velvet top like this Fashionista’s. Complete the outfit with pieces similar to hers: a cool collarless jacket, classic cropped “mom jeans” and heeled ankle booties. Gray socks would look best with the colors of these pieces and stack on eclectic jewelry you already own.


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