Fashionista Spotlight

Name: Stephanie WIllemsen

Major: Industrial Design

Year: Sophomore

Do you ever catch a glimpse of a character in a movie from how an individual styles himself/herself? Well, I sure did! I spotted Stephanie Willemsen on Benefit St, rocking a great Annie Hall-inspired look. Her simple look, with a great combination of neutrals and stripes, carried her ensemble a long way. I think you all will be in love with it. Let’s see what this Fashionista had to say about her personal style!

CollegeFashionista: If you could choose to live in another era, when would you live? The ’70s, ’80s or 90s?

Stephanie Willemsen: Definitely the ’90s. Though I am technically a ’90s kid, I have always wished I was born a couple of years earlier, so I could have really experienced the decade.

CF: What inspires you when it comes to creating artwork for your major? Does fashion have any influence? If so, how?

SW: I am inspired by classic, simple products, especially for the kitchen, that have been around forever and have yet to be replaced by something better. I don’t think my industrial design work is directly influenced by fashion, but I would say that the way I pull together my outfits is very much related to the way I approach my work.

CF: If you could raid someone’s closet, whose would it be and why?

SW: The Olsen twins! Though they’ve had their fair share of tabloid fashion don’ts, the twins have a fabulous collection of clothes, ranging from simple, comfortable classics to crazy furs and lots of leather. I see a lot of my own outfitting tendencies in the way that they dress, but they have better clothes and many more.

CF: I see you rocking a great, unique look each day around campus. How would you describe your personal style?

SW: I don’t know if I can pinpoint my style. In general, I like to be comfortable and I wear a lot of neutrals. When I compose an outfit, I try to strike a balance between loose-and-tight, patterned-and-solid, masculine-and-feminine or textured-and-flat.

CF: If you could bring someone from the past back to life, who would it be?

SW: Julia Child.

CF: Do you follow any fashion-inspired blogs? If so, what blogs?

SW: I don’t. Now that I’ve been featured, thought, I just might have to start!

How To: Are you inspired by Stephanie’s look? I think we all are. Check out some stores close by to find similar garments, and style away! I think we all can carry a little Annie Hall spirit in our day-to-day ensemble. To get a similar striped top, check out American Apparel. A selection of striped garments are available for your desire at American Apparel. Are you inspired by her pair of tapered pants? Take a look at Urban Outfitters, where a selection of pants can be found. Flats that are styled like Stephanie’s pair can be found at ASOS or Anthropologie. Before we forget about the sunglasses: this Fashionista’s classic and vintage pair of shades can be found at Free People.


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