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Many Fashionistas stared with surprise when they saw Isabel Marant’s first menswear line with her H&M collection early last year. The look was womenswear inspired and shocked. We had almost forgotten how women often incorporate menswear into their wardrobe for an edgy, outdoorsy look. If someone could master the art of dressing like a dandy and still ooze with elegance and femininity, it would be this Fashionista. She was spotted wearing a slightly butch ensemble carefully balanced with the right amount of lace and pink, paired an enviable pair of oxfords!

Name: Sruti Kattoor

Major: Fashion Design

Year:  Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Sruti Katoor: I don’t have a very distinct personal style, at least that is what I think. But then, I like a lot of men’s clothes so I tend wear a lot of men’s garments. I always a little bit of menswear element in whatever I wear. I really like the shoes I am wearing. They are actually men’s shoes, I got them from a leather shop in Kolkata. I had the same shoes before, but they wore out. So when my dad went to Kolkata recently, I made him get me a pair of the exact same shoes. That’s how much I love these shoes!

CF: Any recent trend which has changed your style statement to a huge extent?

SK: The forecast for spring-summer 2014 stated that sheers combined with opaque is going to be a trend. So I have been trying to incorporate a lot of sheer clothes in my wardrobe, because till recently I wouldn’t wear any sheer clothes.

CF: What are the must-haves in your wardrobe?

SK: Good pair of semi-formal/casual trousers, good lingerie, neck-pieces, I really like accessorizing, a lipstick that makes you look like a million bucks! 

CF: What have you recently added to your wardrobe?

SK: A pair of shades from the street, and they look really cool, which is surprising because they’re off the street!

CF: What are your favorite brands to shop for?

SK: H&M and Fabindia. I tend to shop a lot from Zara, but that’s only because it’s convenient it’s probably not my favourite brand. But, you know, they have good stuff for a short term wardrobe. I often grab something from my parents wardrobe!

How To: Trying to get a Parisian chic outfit correct is difficult, the harder you try, the more you mess it up. Try and keep it simple with a flowy light top, fitted pair of chinos, add on a leather bag or satchel. A statement jewellery piece, like a neck piece or a good watch, in a non-earthy colour will break the monotony. Here’s a pro tip: A pair of oxfords are the ultimate dandy must-have!


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