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The beach weather is finally back, and these burning hot temperatures mean that we can finally wear shorts and tank tops again! It’s truly a combo that never goes out of style. However, when everyone is wearing it, we eventually get sick of it. After all, twinning with every other girl in your class is a fashion disaster. An alternative to shorts is choosing to wear harem pants. They’re comfy, cool and convenient—you’ll fall in love with them. Unlike sweatpants, harem pants polish your look instead of telling people you’re too lazy to dress up. Also, they are often made with thin and soft materials, which fit the weather perfectly. These pants give out a bohemian vibe that is unique to Berkeley and San Francisco, showing your “je ne sai quois” attitude. You could pair them up with almost any top: a plain T-shirt, your favorite tank top or even an off the shoulder crop top. Harem pants should be your new investment in this awful heat!

Name: Sophia Siegler

Major: Media Studies and English

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing, and where is it from?

Sophia Siegler: I got my shirt from my mom’s closet, and my sunglasses are from Forever 21. Both the pants and sandals are from Free People. My bag is from Steve Madden.

CF: What inspired your outfit today?

SS: Comfort. My pants are really thin, which is nice for this hot weather. They’re not overheated like jeans, and not as sticky as shorts are. I’m going to work now, so this outfit is also work-appropiate.

CF: Where do you usually shop?

SS: Wherever sales are! I always go to Urban Outfitters and Free People when they’re on sale. I also love going to Forever 21 and H&M. I get my clothes from my mom’s closet, too.

CF: Where do you get your inspiration?

SS: I draw my inspiration from advertisements and catalogues. Even though J. Crew is pretty expensive, their catalogue is really nice. I never really like fashion magazines, but I go on Chictopia sometimes.

CF: What is a trend that you want to try this spring?

SS: I want to try high-waisted shorts. I guess I just have to find a pair that fits me.

How To: To replicate this Fashionista’s look, start with a black T-shirt, put on your harem pants and then throw on some accessories. Lastly, put on a pair of ankle strap sandals, and you are good to go!


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