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IU is a cultural melting pot with students from every corner of the world. Lucky for us, they bring with them their fantastic sense of style. It seems that many of these students aren’t afraid to take chances with their outfits—a trait that many of us lack.

Many Americans strive for styles from other countries. We wear British flags, batik prints and tribal jewelry, all influenced by cultures other than our own. We look to the runways for the latest from France or Milan, but really all we have to do is look around us. The campus is swarming with students representing styles from other countries.

While this Fashionista says that she prefers American style to that of China, she hasn’t left behind her instinct to be fearless with her clothing choices. She mixes the bold stud trend with lace and a soft wool cardigan. She then layers on a breezy floral scarf and a strong army jacket. Talk about trendy.

Name: Siqi Zhou

Major: Apparel Merchandising

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Your clothes are so cute, where could fellow Fashionistas find them?

Siqi Zhou: My coat and cardigan are from ASOS, my scarf is from Topshop and my shirt is from Urban Outfitters. I got these boots for really cheap from Pitaya and my leggings and ring I bought in China.

CF: How do you decide your day-to-day outfit?

SZ: When I go to bed every night I lie there and try to decide my outfit for the next day. I want it to be cute but I want to make myself comfortable.

CF: Where do you get the ideas for your style?

SZ: I get other people’s style together and decide what’s for me. Just be yourself, wear what you like.

CF: What are some of your winter staple items?

SZ: A coat is important, and hats and boots, especially for weather like this. I have more than one coat and I change them depending on my outfit. I think everyone should have a classic black coat.

How To: One of the defining characters of Siqi’s outfit is her use of texture. She also really gets into the studded army style with her shirt, ring and jacket. Wear a lace dress or shirt to get a little girly. Then show off your military brat pride with a studded cardigan and heavy-duty army jacket. This will give your outfit a little edginess. Keep up the army chic motif (and keep your toes warm) with some cute combat boots and high socks that peek over the top. It’s all about giving soft textures a tougher edge.


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