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You can easily find the trending topic #allblackeverything on Instagram and I just finished reading an article on BuzzFeed titled, “21 Reasons You Should Only Wear Black.” The list includes some reasons I totally agree with, which includes: you’ll always look chic, you’ll feel sexy and it’s slimming. One of my favorite Fashionista’s at Bentley embodies the elegance of keeping her hues dark on almost an everyday basis.

Name: Shivan Pandya

Major: IDCC with a concentration in Global Studies

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Describe your outfit today.

Shivani Pandya: My sweater is from Two by Vince Camuto and my jacket is Laundry by Shelli Segal.  I practically live in these leggings from Zara. My basic sunglasses are from Prada and my lipstick is called Fresno by Buxom. My bag is Kate Spade.

CF: What is your favorite item in your closet?

SP: This may be surprising but I love all of my pajama sets so much…I look forward to putting them on as soon as I get home from class and living in them all day!

CF: What is the next item you plan to splurge on?

SP: I am definitely putting a Prada wallet on my wish list.

CF: What it is your favorite part about dressing for winter?

SP: Winter is probably my favorite season to dress for because it’s the one time of year when all of the black I wear is acceptable! My friends constantly get on my case about never wearing colors, but it seems to be more acceptable when it’s cold and dreary in New England.

How To: I’m daring you to try the all black look, even if you love your bright colors or pastels. Sometimes I accidentally find myself head-to-toe in dark colors, and end up loving how it looks. You can start by finding the perfect black winter coat: I suggest looking in Zara or H&M. Another great perk of wearing all black is that if you do add a pop of color, in this Fashionista’s case a bright lipstick, it really stands out.


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