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The ’90s have made a huge splash this season and monochrome is no exception. This Fashionista sported a monochrome look that is effortless and most importantly, comfortable. Additionally, another huge trend at the moment is tying a sweater around the waist. This is great for covering up shorts that are too short or to complete a look and give it a more grungy vibe. This Fashionista chose to pair bright pink shoes with her monochrome look to add variety. Be sure to check out how to achieve this look at the end to channel your inner decade’s attire!

 Sasha Jelan



CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Sasha Jelan: I like to wear whatever is comfortable. I’m really big into the cut of clothing. However, I do really like neutrals. I am also not a super colorful dresser.

CF: Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

SJ: Karla’s Closet, Tumblr and I like to look at movies and decades. My favorite decade is the ’70s for sure. I think that the ’90s is too common since that’s what everyone is doing now. 

CF: What is your go-to piece of clothing?

SJ: You can never go wrong with a light wash pair of high-waisted jeans. Additionally, white sneakers and a nice little button-up are a must. 

CF: What is something you would never be caught dead in?

SJ: Avant garde clothing or even runway clothes. Sometimes they are too much. Also, meat.

CF: How do you like to accessorize? 

SJ: I only like gold. That being said, I like to keep it really simple, classic and small. 

How To: To imitate this Fashionista’s look, pick a color of your choice and stick with it. Try a cotton crop top to achieve ultimate comfort. Don’t forget a pop of color with your shoes!


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