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As much as we’d like to, we can’t wear sundresses and pumps to class every day. Sometimes we need to take a break from the fleeting trends, and turn to our worn-out T-shirts. However, staying comfy doesn’t mean that we should stop trying to look cute. A T-shirt of your favorite comic hero from 10th grade can make a style statement: it gives off an effortless vibe, and demonstrates your quirky side. Little details, like bright colors and a beanie, bring out your style in a casual look. While catchy colors freshen up a nerdy shirt, a beanie instantly saves your bad hair day.! Done right, styling can make your age-old shirt as chic as a maxi dress. After all, laziness is not a fashion crime if you know the tricks to hide it.

Name: Sarah Palmer

Major: Bioengineering

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing, and where is it from?

Sarah Palmer: I stole this beanie from a friend, and my cardigan is from a thrift store. I’ve been wearing this Thor shirt since freshman year of high school! The jeans are from Ross, and the sandals are from Bass.

CF: What inspired your outfit today?

SP: Laziness. My sister visited and stole my make up, so I have to use what’s left.

CF: Where do you find your style inspiration?

SP: I find my style inspiration on Tumblr. Actually, my sister chooses most of my outfits. She is a true Fashionista! I’m basically what she experiments her ideas on.

CF: How would you characterize your style?

SP: There are so many styles I want to switch between—I mostly see people around campus who inspire me.

CF: What is a trend that you want to try out?

SP: I really want to try those balloon pants! They’re a little boho and very hipster! Sometimes, I feel like they are too fake, but I still think they’re cool.

How To: To replicate this Fashionista’s look: start with a graphic T-shirt, pair it up with a pair of jeans and then throw on a red cardigan. You should also try adding a beanie. Lastly, put on a pair of comfy sandals, and you’re good to go!


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