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Today is a rare break in the frigid Bloomington weather and the students are definitely embracing it. Coats have been tossed aside and spring colors are emerging from the backs of every Fashionista’s closet.

Something I love even more than an Indian summer is an innovative thrifter. I was thrilled when I came upon Sarah, a seasoned thrift shopper and a D.I.Y. aficionado. Her outfit is cute and stylish and full of personality.

Name: Sarah Leavesley

Major: Anthropology and Art History

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Sarah Leavesley: I’m wearing a skirt from Goodwill, a blouse from Goodwill, tights from Target, boots from L.L. Bean, a cardigan from Forever 21 and a watch from a garage sale.

CF: You said you made your skirt and earrings, is that a typical thing for most items of your wardrobe?

SL: I’d say that as of the last six months or so, making or tailoring a lot of items from my wardrobe has been pretty common. Being a broke college student, I find that funding my love of clothes is hard… unless a lot of them are thrifted or made. The skirt I’m wearing was originally much too large and too long for my taste, so I took it in at the waist and shortened it. The earrings I made out of small pieces of quartz I found in my childhood rock collection, glued to earring posts.

CF: Where do you get your style inspiration?

SL: I’m not sure exactly where my style comes from, but I think that a lot of my inspiration is found on sites like Pinterest and random fashion blogs where everything is out of my price range, but I am able to find similar items when thrifting.

CF: How do you make your outfits unique to your own personal style?

SL: In terms of my own personal style, it has really evolved a lot recently; up until about a year ago I was wearing mostly T-shirts and jeans, but as an artist with a need to create and a dislike for mediums like painting and drawing, I started creating outfits and making clothes as a sort of art form. My style is pretty eclectic on a day-to-day basis, ranging from edgier things like black shirts with skulls on them, denim cutoffs and Converse, to more girly things like lacy shirts with floral skirts. It really just depends on my mood that day!

How To: Creating a thrifted outfit is easier than you think, you just have to keep an open mind and be ready to see some pretty crazy stuff. If you get creative, you can end up with an awesome (and cheap!) outfit. If you’re not big on the idea of an already-been-worn wardrobe, you can achieve this look with a simple skirt and blouse combo. To add some warmth on blustery days, add some cute leggings or maybe a jacket. And as every Fashionista knows, never forget the accessories!


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