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Wearing black and white has always been a classical and favorable pair of colors to wear for any occasion. Black and white can be worn for formal wear or casual wear, like our Fashionista. Dressing up everyday for school can be hard, especially if you have an early morning class and you were up late the night before finishing up a paper. There are many fun ways to be creative with a casual look, like wearing a fun sweater and socks. I’m obsessed with sweaters that use any kind of fashion vocabulary, and when I saw the words CHIC on her, I immediately wanted to know where she got it from. The matching white socks peeking above the boots were also a fun addition.

Name: Sara Jochim

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What are the must haves in your closet?

Sarah Jochim: Must-haves in my closet are any pieces that are black and comfortable. I love to have cute clothes, but they must be comfortable!

CF: Where is your favorite place to shop?

SJ: My favorite place to shop is Nordstrom.

CF: What is your favorite part of spring fashion?

SJ: My favorite thing about spring fashion is all the pastel colors that are in all the stores.

CF: What is your favorite and least favorite color to wear?

SJ: I wear a lot of black, so that’s my favorite color to wear and my least favorite favorite color to wear would be orange.

CF: What influences your style?

SJ: My style is influenced by celebrities and everyone around me. I like to take bits and pieces from different styles I see and combine them to make my own style. I love to see what everyone around me is wearing and see the different type of styles everyone has.

How To: This Fashionista’s look is very easy to recreate. You first need your favorite pair of leggings or yoga pants, which every Fashionista most likely already has in their closet, tucked between fabulous pieces. Leggings and yoga pants are great because they’re comfortable and they look much more fashionable than sweat pants. Add on a fun fashion sweater like the one our Fashionista is wearing that says Tres Chic, or anything creative to get a different look rather than just wearing a plain sweater. Accessorize with some great edgy black combat boots and matching socks to pull the outfit together!


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