Fashionista Spotlight

We’ve been having some seriously hot days on campus lately, which does not help with the stress everyone is carrying around during exam week. This Fashionista wore a look that was simple and open. This might explain why she had such a positive attitude during one of the most stressful weeks of the semester.

Name: Sarah Garza

Major: Physics

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: So how would you describe your style?

Sarah Garza: In one word; eclectic.

CF: Do you check out any blogs or magazines for trend updates?

SG: My mom will occasionally bring home magazines like Vogue or L Magazine. I like to check those out, but I mainly go to Pinterest to look for what’s new.

CF: How are you transitioning your style from winter to spring?

SG: Well, I’m really digging the crop top look because it’s already getting particularly hot. Sandals have been a big go-to for me, too. I don’t normally wear a lot of sandals but this summer, leather sandals have caught my interest. I like the leather sandals that are similar to gladiator sandals but with more of a medieval look.

How to: This look should be easy to throw together for you Fashionistas. Start by picking out your favorite crop top. The crop top shouldn’t be too hard to match since this look is so simple. Cuff a pair of boyfriend jeans to mimic your crop top for the bottom half of the outfit. I’ve been seeing a lot of Fashionistas cuffing their loose-fit jeans and it looks stunning. This Fashionista chose flats to wear with her look, which emphasized the strong hemlines at the bottom of her crop top and jeans. Both flats and booties are the better option for this style. It’s a very contemporary look that really complements slim Fashionistas and adds character to your silhouette.


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