Fashionista Spotlight

This Long Island native stays true to her New York roots in her glamorously comfortable ensemble outside the library. This Fashionista’s self proclaimed “trendy-chill” style is enviable in its comfort yet notability.

Name: Sara Bower

Major: English

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What are your winter wardrobe staples?

Sara Bower: A couple of pairs of tall and short boots in blacks and browns, chunky sweaters, and circle scarves. 

CF: Where do you find your style inspiration?

SB: I find my best inspiration from my friends (shout-out to my roomate!), as well as magazines like Vogue, Elle, Cosmo, and Glamour. I also find inspiration from random websites, particularly Pinterest. 

CF: How would you define your own personal style?

SB: I’d say my personal style is “trendy-chill,” but I love to try new things! I generally stick to comfortable items with a little bit of glamour, like fur or a pop of color. 

CF: Would you say your style has become more “Midwestern” since moving from New York to Saint Louis?

SB: I’ve tried my best to remain true to my New York style, although I occasionally give in to the Midwest-comfort. 

CF: Are there any winter trends you’ve been dying to try out?

SB: More for necessity than anything else, I’ve been on the search for a great pair of texting gloves and fleece lined leggings for extra warmth. I also have been loving this winter’s headbands. 

How-To: Turn up the glam on your boring winter coat with a pop of fur. For extra standout, try a different colored fur hood or removable collar. Transition your darker fall jeans into the winter weather; this Fashionista’s teal pair adds dimension to her otherwise monochromatic outfit. Defy fashion rules: mix basic colors like black and brown leather boots by breaking them up with standout pants.



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