Fashionista Spotlight

Whether she is on vacation for spring break or heading to classes, this Fashionista always has her A-game on. She always looks put together, neat and mature no matter where she is heading. Her style is fun and quirky and can put a smile on anyone’s face whether she is in New York or sunny Florida.

Name: Samantha Franzese

Major: Biology

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What are some of your favorite things to bring on vacation?

Samantha Franzese: I love bringing a cute pair of sunglasses, a maxi dress or skirt and a pair of summery wedges or sandals. I love spring/summer clothes so I always over-pack. Also, a good pair of jeans is always good to have.

CF: What are some of your favorite places to shop?

SF: My favorites are Forever 21, Nordstrom and Joyce Leslie because they each have their own styles. I can always find something I love at each store. I never walk out empty handed.

CF: How would you describe your style?

SF: I think my style is pretty simple. My style also goes with my mood. Some days I am in the mood to dress in bright colors and patterns while other days I just want to wear black and dark makeup. I am pretty much always seen in a cute pair of jeans though.

How To: To recreate this cute spring look, start with a nice pair of skinny jeans. American Eagle Outfitters has a quality selection. To get a pair of tribal wedges, try these from Victoria’s Secret. They have different colors and patterns as well. Next, grab a tank top that has some sort of embellishment on the top. Try this one from Forever 21. The last step is to find a cardigan. You can choose any color cardigan depending on the color of your shoes and tank-top but if you want a lavender one, try this one from Appleseed’s.


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